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Spooky Forest

Weeping Bank Library is proud to bring the chilling tales of The Librarian to Staffordshire Moorlands for the Leek Loves Books festival!

Thursday 13th June, 6.30-8.30pm
Quaker Meeting House, Overton Bank, Leek, ST13 5ES

Tickets are £7 

Click here to get tickets (Please note Weeping bank are selling tickets direct - this link will take you to the Weeping bank ticket site)

Two ghost stories to chill the spine from the shelves of Weeping Bank Library, written by A. G. Smith and read by ‘The Librarian’. 

Weeping Bank Library brings engaging, candlelit performances of ghost stories to community spaces, creating intimate and unique experiences for both avid and reluctant readers.

'It's hard to explain what happens - they don't use gimmicks or music.

In essence it's just a reading - but you are right there in the story - heartbeats quicken - tension ratchets up & people jump. There is nothing like it - you will feel the fear.'

Warning - Weeping Bank readings contain moments of heightened tension. The reading is unsuitable for anyone under the age of 15. We strongly advise those of a nervous disposition to think very seriously before attending.

Spooky Forest
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